Certification & Validation

Welcome to the Future of Certification & Validation for Healthcare Trainers.

We are delighted to announce from the 1 May 2017, our new certification and validation service will be available, setting new standards in combating serious certification fraud within the healthcare sector.

We have invested in the future of certification and validation for our 7,000 plus registered trainers to ensure we meet the rigorous requirements set by regulating / inspecting bodies to validate trainer’s competency on demand. We have an obligation to ensure these validation requests are met speedily, sufficiently and efficiently.

New certification and validation system

Our new certification and validation system will now allow not only regulating / inspecting bodies to have instant access, but also our registered trainers so they can validate their own registration and certification on demand.

To develop the processes required, we teamed up with one of the UK’s leading suppliers of secure certification and validation, who ensure many other well established awarding organisations have successfully introduced e-certification processes for their learners.

The new processes will ensure that our registered trainers are not left behind with regard to the benefits of new technology available. Working with our supplier, we have developed a validation process that allows for delivery of authenticated certificates electronically. It takes the issue of certificate authenticity very seriously, the certificates are provided in the form of a secure PDF file and this coupled with our authentication process means that we have done our utmost to protect certificates from most forms of tampering.

If you have recently purchased an e-Trainer Pack, have not yet submitted the trainer question paper and wish to acquire the new certification with your own unique personalised security features, you can request our centre support team to delay the process of your submitted paper until after 1 May 2017.

To check the validity of a certificate you will be able to go to our website 24/7 and click on a link for certificate validation instantly.

Key validation features and benefits:

  • Historical certification data from 2011 onwards has been included in our new system
  • 24/7 Online Instant Certificate Validation System
  • e-Certificates are stored electronically and can be used by regulating / inspecting bodies for validation purposes
  • Certificates are stored on an encrypted secure server to be always available to registered trainers
  • Assists in the national drive to combat serious certificate fraud
  • Ensures a faster and more secure service with no damage, losses or postal delays
  • Ensures our registered trainers are up to date with future industry developments
  • Ensures our corporate responsibility to significantly reduce our carbon footprint
  • e-Certificates are protected against fraudulent replication
  • Access to a unique validation process

Welcome to your new certification and validation features.

Our investment in certification, validation and fraud prevention means that our Registered Trainers can expect the following:

  • e-Certificates to be provided by email in High Definition (HD)
  • e-Certificates to be personalised with unique security features
  • Instant email notifications of certificate expiration
  • FREE Replacement Certificates *

* FREE Replacement Certificates are only available for e-certificates. Certificates sent by post prior to 1 May 2017 which are damaged, lost or misplaced will require a certificate replacement fee.